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Vive la difference!

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

With little else to set the horticultural pulse racing in January and February, it is no huge surprise that those amongst us that yearn to be outside doing something, choose to get excited about Snowdrops.

It is easy to be dismissive and assume that each looks very much like the next but the closer one looks the clearer and more interesting the differences become.

The Latin name for snowdrops is 'Galanthus' so those of us that get sweaty palms looking at them are often referred to as Galanthophiles. At this time of year there opportunities all over Britain, and indeed Europe, for Galanthophiles to meet up, visit snowdrop gardens, listen to lectures by snowdrop experts and most importantly buy and swap more snowdrops. The six examples above are just a 'drop' in my galanthus ocean


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