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About Us

Hi, I'm Annie Godfrey, Garden Designer and owner of

Daisy Roots Nursery.

Back in the mid '90's I was a newly qualified garden designer, also working as a jobbing gardener.

I was fortunate enough to be approached by a client who wanted my help in their large garden, and who also had some spare land, suitable for a small, but perfectly formed, nursery.

Daisy Roots was born!


The nursery is an eclectic collection of plants in a field on the outskirts of Hertford, county town of Hertfordshire.


I run the nursery with the help of my long suffering partner, Steve Machin and our beloved

furry friends, Ivy and Violet

Steve & I propagate, tend and sell the plants and 'the Girls' take care of meeting and greeting customers and vermin control.

A warm and hairy welcome is always guaranteed at Daisy Roots!


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