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Lecture List

If you belong to a Garden Club or Horticultural Society, Annie Godfrey offers the following list of lectures;

‘Good In Bed’ - a look at those plants that have a particularly long season of interest in the garden and really earn their keep

‘Shady Characters’- every garden has some shade somewhere!

‘Some Like It Hot’ – choosing plants that will cope with full sun and drought conditions

‘Gardening with Grasses’ – how to cultivate and use ornamental grasses to good effect in our gardens

‘Autumn Fireworks’ – keeping the garden colourful right up until winter frosts threaten

‘Winter Colour in the Garden’ 

‘A Year at Daisy Roots’ a walk (run!) through 12 months of life as a nurseryman

'The Show Must Go On' - a light hearted look at the ins and outs of exhibiting at flower shows


Whilst some societies and clubs are not meeting due to Covid 19, I am happy to give lectures by Zoom as long as the Club 'hosts' as I do not own the Zoom Professional Version.

Please email or call 07958 563355

for more information and current fees

Please note! Due to work commitments and long days at the nursery and flower shows, Annie only goes out to lecture from September - March 

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