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Free And Easy - making leaf mould

Autumn means short days, heavy dews and LEAVES. Lots and lots and lots of leaves!

Good leaf mould is easy to make, free for the taking and makes a big beneficial impact on the structure of your soil.

Often, you will see shade loving plants described as wanting 'humus rich soil'. Humus is defined as decomposed vegetable matter i.e: LEAVES!!

Although low in nutrients, leaf mould increases water retention, improves soil structure and also encourages earth worms and beneficial bacteria.

Raking leaves is also great exercise for those bingo wings!

If you have acres to tidy, a leaf 'bin' is easily constructed from 4 wooden stakes surrounded by chicken wire, but for smaller quantities a bin liner will suffice.

Simply make some air holes in the sides and bottom of the bag, pack with leaves and pour enough water over the leaves to dampen them. Tie the top of the bag closed and leave to rot down. Generally, 12 months is enough time to leave you with a good mulch but 24 months will give you a lovely soil conditioner

Even if you don't have trees of your own that shed leaves, you can collect them from friends, local parks or even from nearby woodlands.

So, what are you waiting for ??

Making leaf mould is good exercise for you, good for your garden

& FREE !!!

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