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Garden Design

Having an overall design for your garden gives a focus to your ideas and hence the garden. It is far better to stand back and look at the overall picture rather than tackling areas individually and ending up with a garden which is inconsistent and disjointed.





Good garden design is all about making your space work for you by matching your needs and preferences - what you want from your garden - to the fixed conditions of your plot, from its size and outlook, to the type of soil and the time you have to spend maintaining it.


The design process starts with a consultation, for which there is a small charge.

At this initial meeting I establish a brief for the design; the style of the garden, features to be retained and those to be discarded, choice of landscape materials, time and experience available to maintain the garden, plant preferences, colour schemes and so on.


Also, having seen the garden and what the design may, or may not entail, I will have a clearer idea of the costs involved and can advise accordingly.

The client can then set a budget for the project.


Following the consultation, the brief is put in writing and a fixed fee is quoted for the design and planting plans.      

If the client is agreeable, a survey of the site is then carried out and work on the design can begin

The sooner you make contact, the sooner you can have the garden of your dreams!

Call Anne Godfrey on 07958 563355

or email for more details

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