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Crazy Daisies - a closer look at the Aster family 

august 20th 2022

 2pm - 3pm

The family Asteraceae is huge and contains 32,000 different species and countless cultivars as well. They are commonly referred to as the Daisy family and although they share similar biology, this is a very variable family with members suitable to fill any spot in your garden.

Achillea, Rudbeckia, Symphyotrichum, Echinacea, Erigeron, Anthemis, Stokesia, Leucanthemum, Helenium and Heliopsis are just a few examples.

They come in every size and colour imaginable and (in my biased opinion) are relentlessly cheerful !

Join me on this look at one of my favourite group of plants - no garden is complete without them!

Cost £19.50


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