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The Art of Successional Planting

Wednesday April 17th 10am

or  Thursday April 18th 2pm


My own garden is no more than a suburban rectangle but on any given day of the year there is interest to be found, be it flower, foliage, seed heads or colourful stems, I make the most of every square inch by using a technique called Successional Planting.

Perhaps more widely used as a term for getting the maximum amount of produce from a veg patch, this neat trick can also transform the smallest of gardens!

 Successional planting is the process of planting as many layers of interest as possible in every square metre of your garden so that there is maximum interest all year round.

Join me for this thought provoking look at how to pack a punch in even the smallest of spaces

Cost £19.50

Numbers limited to 8 per session. Please book early to avoid dissapointment

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